Easiest Way to Prepare Perfect Ultimate Sriracha Burger (copy cat) ;p

Ultimate Sriracha Burger (copy cat) ;p.

You can have Ultimate Sriracha Burger (copy cat) ;p using 7 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Ultimate Sriracha Burger (copy cat) ;p

  1. Prepare of homestyle 80/20 chuck beef patties.
  2. Prepare of Kroger Grill Time Hamburger Seasoning.
  3. Prepare of hamburger buns.
  4. You need of roasted sweet bell pepper strips.
  5. You need of Kroger Sriracha Mayonnaise.
  6. It’s of Simple Truth® Baby Arugula.
  7. You need of red pepper.

Ultimate Sriracha Burger (copy cat) ;p step by step

  1. Heat grill to medium_high heat..
  2. Season each burger with 1/4 teaspoon of hamburger seasoning..
  3. Place burger patties on the preheated grill and cook for about 12_15 minutes total, flipping them half way through .Patties are done when the internal temperture of 165°F is reached..
  4. Place cooked burger on bun, spread with sriracha mayonnaise and top with red peppers and arugula..

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