How to Make Tasty Naman bukiti and Avocado sauce

Naman bukiti and Avocado sauce. A quick, fresh Avocado Sauce for dipping, dolloping and scooping! Great as a dip for chips or vegetable sticks, and a terrific Avocado Sauce Watch how to make it. A Healthy Creamy Avocado Cilantro Sauce with greek yogurt that you can use on so many meals!

It is a thin sauce and served with burritos, tacos etc. The first time I had it I loaded my tacos with it thinking it Put the avocado, lime juice, salt, jalapeno, cilantro, water and olive oil in a food processor. Add the onion and pulse to roughly blend. You can have Naman bukiti and Avocado sauce using 8 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Naman bukiti and Avocado sauce

  1. Prepare of Nama.
  2. You need of sinadarin dandano.
  3. You need of Gishiri.
  4. It’s of Kayan Kansas.
  5. It’s of Tafarnuwa.
  6. Prepare of Albasa.
  7. Prepare of Mai.
  8. Prepare of Yajin kuli.

A Keto Friendly Hot Sauce made with Ripe Avocados and Chili Peppers. Sugar Free, Gluten Free and Low Carb. Spicy Avocado Sauce Confections of a Foodie Bride. Avocado sauce is a sauce prepared using avocado as a primary ingredient.

Naman bukiti and Avocado sauce step by step

  1. Da farko zaki hada duka kayan hadin ki Waje daya amma ki ajjiye wanken ken namanki a gefe.
  2. Sai ki marka dazu waje daya saiki sa mai ki chakuda kishafa wa naman ki mutsitstsika Ya zamana ko Ina ya shiga cikin naman ki.
  3. Sai ki sa shi a leda kisa shi a frige yayi kamar awa 2 haka ko 1 yanda duk kayan da kikasawa naman ki zai riki naman kenan.
  4. Sai ki sa naman a tukunya kisa dan ruwa kadan karya rufe naman dai ki rage wuta Haka zakita kara ruwa kadan kadan har zai naman ki ya dahu amma kinayi kina sa kayan hadinki na dindano.
  5. Idan naman ya dahu sai ki bari ruwan yadanyi kauri sai ki sauke.

Commercial sauces are typically prepared to have a thin, sauce-like consistency that is pourable. Commercial preparation involves mixing the avocado using high-speed blenders, which breaks up the pulp. Use it as a topping for tacos and burgers, as a salad dressing, or even as a dipping sauce to go with chips and salsa! It wasn't easy to come up with a name for this recipe. It's similar to guacamole but the addition of sour cream and.

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